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7月 2 2012


An important anniversary to be celebrated as befits, a moment of celebration that will not only celebrate the past but above all aims at the future.
On the 170th anniversary, Riva, a brand of the Ferretti Group, offers the online public a new internet website, found at www.riva170.com an easily accessible platform, with elegant and refined graphics and rich and in-depth content.
Surfing starts at the home page, “Tribute to Riva, an emotional journey through 170 years of style” from which one can access the three main features: the “Timeline”, which is subdivided in turn into “The Origins”, “La Dolce Vita” and “the Modern Age”; the special on the Aquarama model and finally the “Multimedia Galleries”.
Every subsection narrates the highlights of the history of Riva, from the “Origins” up to “The Modern Age”, outlining the moments that have made the brand renowned worldwide. From the farsighted entrepreneurship of Eng. Carlo Riva through to the refurbishment of the premises and the technical innovations that have accompanied Riva into the new Millennium, each story testifies to the grandeur of the brand.
The “Aquarama” section is dedicated to the legendary speed boat, the “reflectors” are those of the 50th anniversary. In fact, it was in 1962 when this boat, whose name was inspired by “cinerama” which was fashionable in those years, was presented with the slogan “The sun, sea and joy of living”. The sketches of Aquarama, which quickly became a symbol of the shipyard and of the name Riva in the world, the historical pictures and videos in which it is the protagonist featuring celebrities at sea and taken at the most famous ports around the world, form an authentic tribute that Riva wants to present with its “precious mahogany sculpture” .
Finally, the “multimedia” section leads to an incredible repertoire of historical video clips and adverts and it is possible to see the existing fleet in 26 videos, in which style, elegance and design can be admired and you can allow yourself to be virtually carried away on board each vessel. An extraordinary archive which Riva offers to its many enthusiasts, considering that many of the 40 videos available are unpublished and were taken from the Historical Archive of Riva. The huge film heritage is characterized by exclusivity and shows the history of the brand as it unfolds in time through video clips of the 30s, unpublished flash interviews with Carlo Riva, which testify to the productive process and archive images that evoke the golden ages of the Italian and international Dolce Vita.
To match the identity of Riva, the main colours of the webpage recall those of the aquamarine. However, when surfing to the “Aquarama” section one finds a chromatic palette of mahogany and teak. In line with the Riva philosophy, the website is a masterpiece with stylistic details: the soft texture gives the webpage a material aspect, while everything is studied so as to recreate a unique visual environment that allows the users to completely immerse themselves in the Riva legend. Every element represents luxury through special web design, which is capable of transposing a sophisticated calibration of the various elements and of obtaining the maximum degree of personalization in the visual environment.
The website can be accessed from any device, even smartphones or new generation tablets.


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