Scale Models

A miniature Riva world

The official Riva collection of miniatures has come into being, to admire, give as gifts or put on display for the timeless pleasure, even when away from the sea, of having one of the highest expressions of style, of timeless elegance, of design, of technology and of nautical tradition nearby. Riva has, in fact, decided to entrust the creation of scale versions of its most famous jewels - both in mahogany and in fiberglass - to Kiade, the leading company in the sector, boasting consolidated experience and the best production technologies, capable of guaranteeing the highest standards of quality, in line with the original Riva production. Kiade, the only holder of the Official License of the Riva brand, produces and distributes the faithful scale reproductions - taken from the original drawings and specifications kept inside the Riva Archive - of the legendary boats which have marked the history of cruising and worldwide design: including names such as Aquarama, Ariston and Aquariva, boat which, in both the original scale and miniature versions, are admired all over the world


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