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In a variety of different lengths and models with a shared spirit of performance, safety and exclusive style, the Riva range expresses the soul of this legendary brand to sublime effect.

The boats are available in open, sportfly and flybridge styles from 8 to 50 metres in length.
56' Rivale
The essence of excellence 88' Folgore
Back From The Future 90' Argo
In the name of the legend
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Riva Yacht Logo
Welcome to a new dimension.
Now with Superyachts Division you can make a Riva truly yours.
Riva Yacht Logo
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“Riva In The Movie” an aquamarine Riva thread running through more than 60 years of films.

Ferretti Group celebrates the close ties between Riva and the silver screen with a book featuring words and pictures that present 39 films from a range of eras.

Riva Yacht Logo
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