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Oktober 28 2010

The Ferretti Group launches the 2010-2011 nautical year in the U.S. at the 51st Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show

Ft. Lauderdale, FL. October 28, 2010– The Ferretti Group, a world leader in designing, building and marketing luxury motor yachts with a unique portfolio of some of the most prestigious and exclusive brands in the nautical world, presents its portfolio of luxury vessels at the 51st Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show to be held from October 28th to 1st November 2010. Reflecting its commitment to passion, innovation and excellence, and as a leader in the nautical world, the Ferretti Group’s extraordinary display will consist of 5 new models including the Riva 92’ Duchessa, Pershing 80’, Bertram 800, Ferretti 570and Bertram 540 among an impressive fleet of 16 yachts.

This momentous occasion marks a pivotal moment for the Ferretti Group’s growth and progress over the year. With the aim of enhancing the flexibility of the Group, optimizing efficiencies through the organization and strengthening internal synergies, the Group undertook a major reorganization process during the 2009-2010 nautical year. This resulted in the centralization of all key functions and the integration of each of the Group’s companies into a single entity under Ferretti S.p.A., which is now producing visible and successful results.

As part of this new reorganization, one of the Group’s key priorities is to address and further strengthen the North American market. The Ferretti Group is committed to the development of the North American market and is placing a stronger focus and renewed emphasis on the growth and progress of this region. In this regard, several strategic measures have been recently undertaken to bolster the Ferretti Group’s sales and marketing operations and drive visible results in North America. A key component of this has been the appointment of a new leadership team spearheaded by Ferruccio Rossi, who is both a member of the Group Executive Committee and has assumed the role of Country Manager for North America. Ferruccio Rossi will be supported by a North America Management Team comprising ofRobert McDougal who assumes the role of Chief Sales Officer, James Henderson asChief Marketing Officer, Tony Rodriguez as Chief Financial Officer and Alton Herndon the President of Bertram Yacht. Robert McDougal will also retain oversight and supervision of the Allied Marine business. George Kyriazakos, who has successfully lead the U.S. operations over the last two years will remain as non-executive Chairman of the North American operation.

The North American Management Team is currently reorganizing the Group’s operations in North America, as well as establishing its strategy to expand the distribution footprint and marketing initiatives. Efforts are currently aimed towards crafting a targeted distribution network throughout the U.S. to broaden the expansion of the Ferretti Group brands throughout.

“We see the Americas as a vast territory of opportunity with tremendous potential for further growth. We are looking forward to partnering with key distribution partners in these regions to drive targeted sales initiatives and continue to advance the Ferretti Group brands within the global marketplace. The Group has long established itself as a global leader in marine industry and will provide its North, Central and South American counterparts with the tools to carry out the necessary sales and marketing functions to meet our customers’ needs and deliver upon the quality that is synonymous with Ferretti Group brands.” statesSalvatore Basile, Ferretti Group Chief Executive Officer.

In an effort to centralize sales efforts in North America, the Ferretti Group will house all of its exclusive inventory at the Ferretti Group’s flagship showroom located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. This state of the art facility will serve as the headquarters for Ferretti Group’s North America sales and marketing operations and will also be a hub to support all dealers for both Central and South America.

In the Group’s continued efforts to build the unique presence of the brands in the U.S. market, each brand will be represented by a dedicated Product Manager for North America who, in cooperation with the Brand Managers, will drive the business development as well as the sales and marketing initiatives throughout North America. Under the oversight ofTom Houliares, VP of Sales for North America, the Product Management Team will comprise Darren Datson for Pershing, Enrico della Casa for Riva and Justin Blue who is responsible for Ferretti Yachts, Mochi Craft and Ferretti Custom Line. All of whom bring a wealth of specialized expertise and knowledge for each of the Ferretti Group’s brands to its customers.

It has been almost two years since the Ferretti Group acquired Allied Marine’s assets and operations. Allied Marine is an important asset for the Ferretti Group organization, and will operate as the exclusive dealer for all Ferretti Group brands in Florida. Allied Marine is also one of the largest brokerage listing services in the country specializing in yachts of 60-120ft.With new offices in Newport, Rhode Island and Sag Harbour, New York as well as four other locations across Florida, Allied Marine is a vital strategic asset of the Group.

Over this past two year period and phase of implementation and launch of the new organization, the Ferretti Group has placed an increased emphasis on the Pan-American markets, and despite the challenging economic conditions, the Group managed to deliver some successful results in both the North and Latin American markets, which accounted for around 20% of the Group’s revenues in 2009-2010. These findings demonstrate a robust market share, with clear increases in certain segments, in which the Latin American sector has contributed significantly.The Ferretti Group continues to enhance the presence of its sales and marketing entity throughout the world and is fostering its concentration into the Latin American markets. The group will focus on broadening its dealer network throughout Latin America and is in the process of creating a distribution plan for key prospective dealers to strengthen the connection with Latin America. The Group has appointed Alessandro Diomedi, who will report directly to Daniele Diotallevi (Ferretti Group Marketing and Business Development Director), as the new Latin America Area Manger to execute the strategy for Latin America and increase the Group’s presence throughout.

The Ferretti Group remains committed to the growth and development of the Bertram brand and firmly recognizes the importance and heritage of Bertram as an established American icon. The Group recently appointed Alton Herndon, an industry veteran with over 40 years of experience in manufacturing salt water sport fishing boats, as the new President of Bertram Yacht. Herndon will use his experience to channel thebrand’s established reputation for its superior ride and handling into a platform for further development of new products. Herndon’s personal reputation for rigorous attention to detail and quality control has been paramount in the launch of two new models in the short time he has been in his role as Bertram’s President. As Bertram approaches its 50th Anniversary, the Group is dedicated to building upon Bertram’s heritage and particularly on the key attributes that were the cornerstones of Bertram’s enduring success: the production of top-tier sport-fishing battlewagons built to withstand the most adverse sea conditions.

With strategic and tactical sales support from Don Jones, VP of Sales for Bertram andCharlie Carricarte, Director of Bertram International Sales, Bertram will continue to strengthen the presence of the brand and expand the distribution footprint, both in the United States and internationally. Alton Herndon, comments, “I am excited about having the opportunity to steer the legendary Bertram brand into its next phase, particularly as we approach the 50th Anniversary of the company. We are working on some new ideas to evolve the brand whilst also maintaining a strong focus on our core markets, specifically in the production of competitive sport-fishing boats. Bertram was built on a reputation for manufacturing high quality products that withstand the test of time and I am personally dedicated to upholding these core values. Our team will continuously strive to innovate the industry and build quality sport-fishing battlewagons that deliver Bertram’s legendary reputation for ride and handling, dependable strength and resilient performance in the toughest sea conditions.”

Preliminary results for the 2009-2010 nautical year clearly demonstrate that the Group has successfully achieved all the budget targets.According to the company’s preliminary financial results as of August 31st, 2010, the Ferretti Group registered a turnoverof over 500 million euro[1]. On August 31st, 2010, the EBITDA was around 30 million euro, in line with the budget, and an increase compared with the approximately 26 million euro registered during the previous nautical year. The improvement of this result, in a market still characterized by price pressure, was primarily due to the key initiatives taken by the Ferretti Group during the course of the 2009-2010 nautical year, which resulted in a cost reduction of around 50 million euro, and clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of the Group reorganization. As of August, 31st 2010, the Group’s Net Financial Debt improved compared with the previous year and was reduced to around 590 million euro, basically in line with the company’s budget plan.

Another notable achievement in 2009-2010 was the volume of yachts that were delivered during the year. The Group achieved an impressive 215 units, allowing it to close the nautical year without any unsold stock. The results achieved by the Ferretti Group are in line with the forecasts and demonstrate a robust market share, with clear increases in certain segments. In fact, the nautical year closed with an order portfolio of around 270 million euro for the Group, which is a notable increase compared with the 175 million registered during the previous year. The volume of new orders received in 2009-2010 was around 460 million euro, which is also a considerable improvement compared with the approximately 330 million of the 2008-2009 nautical year.

With this enhanced focus on the American market, the Group is proud to present 5 new models at this year’s Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show. Of the exciting new yachts on display, the Ferretti Group is highlighting several models which are major milestones for U.S. market. Among these, are the introduction of the new Bertram 800, the largest Bertram ever built, the Bertram 540, the Ferretti 570, Pershing 80’ and Riva 92’ Duchessa, each of which are groundbreaking in their own right. “The Ferretti Group continues to thrive as a leader in the nautical industry. The Group shares my deep commitment and inherent passion towards the building and marketing of our luxury vessels. Technological innovation and excellence remain as driving factors behind the Ferretti Group’s success. The company is still on the cutting edge of the marine industry and we are eager to introduce 5 new models that offer the latest innovations and designs to the American audience that has yet to have an opportunity to experience" statedNorberto Ferretti, Ferretti Group Chairman and Founder.

New Model Descriptions

Riva continues its adventure in the mega yacht segment, with a refined model: 92’ Duchessa. Curved, racy lines harmoniously design the profile of this yacht which embodies all of the elegance of Riva style in her 92’ feet of beautifully unique, original design. Mauro Micheli and his team at Officina Italiana Design along with Riva’s Technical Office have, once again, managed to sketch a winning yacht. The large windscreen integrates perfectly in the soaring, aggressive line of the 92’ Duchessa, providing an excellent view from the pilot station. The chromatic balance between the warm shades of the black American walnut embellished with hand-sewn, leather inserts used for the furniture and bulkheads, and the white varnished wood of the flooring, replaced with white stone in marble powder in the dining area makes this environment both welcoming and comfortable. The slightly raised pilot station is equipped with last generation instruments, and features a comfortable dinette for the crew with direct access to the fly-bridge and galley. At bow, the galley provides access to the three crew cabins, all with en-suite bathrooms. They can accommodate a total of five people, i.e. a captain and four crew members. The low-set galley and crew rooms optimize the space available in the lower salon to create four large cabins amidships. The wide master cabin is located astern, but separated from the engine room by the remote control area accessed from the cockpit and the large, full beam bathroom located behind the bed, outfitted with a shower and Jacuzzi. The owner cabin features a walk-in wardrobe and vanity unit, and is well-lit by two large, rectangular windows fitted on either side. The two twin guest cabins, featuring parallel beds, are set amidships and the windows ensure they are well-lit, whilst the forward VIP cabin is also full beam, almost making it another master cabin. All the cabins feature en-suite bathrooms, whilst the day bathroom is on the upper floor. The classical cockpit features a large teak table which can seat up to eight. An elegant stairway to the right provides easy access to the fly-bridge. A second, smaller living-room has been created at bow, where a teak table with a six-seater sofa and the sundeck are located, the latter has been enlarged to accommodate up to four people and can be shaded by an awning with easy manual opening. A brand new feature on a Riva model, the fly-bridge is surmounted by a fibreglass hard top, whose sharp line inclined towards bow gives continuity to the yacht’s general profile, making her more aerodynamic and elegant. Moreover, a small living-area, formed of two sofas and a teak table able to seat up to eight. A centrally-fitted jacuzzi, which can be replaced by a smart mobile bar in the optional version separates it from the sundeck, while the grill and washbasin are set towards stern. The sizeable fly-bridge can be equipped with a tender measuring up to 4.20 m in length, handled using a small crane. Another special feature of this model is the garage. Closed by a foldable door, it can house a tender or a jet-ski. When lowered, a chaise-longue on runners can be placed inside the garage, creating another area for relaxation, suspended directly over the water. Two ARG 4000 stabilisers guarantee the stability of the yacht both when moored and at sea. The fabrics used are customizable and selected specially studied by Riva’s Style Office. Both inside and out, the 92’ Duchessa is a semi-custom mega-yacht that meets the requirements of the most discerning and passionate owners.

The Pershing 80’ brings sleek style and advanced onboard technology. The new standard of class established by this craft stands out right from its smoothly sleek exterior design, which is slimmer, more streamlined and more aggressive than its predecessor. The windows are particularly long and graceful, thereby making the interiors appear even brighter. The new Pershing 80’ exudes the typical Pershing qualities of sporting style, speed and control that have been further enhanced. It is the as the brainchild of yacht designer Fulvio De Simoni and has been specifically designed to offer owners high performance. On the standard version, two powerful 2030 mhp MTU engines combine with two ZF SeaRex 140S surface propellers to guarantee a peak speed of 43 knots, whereas a faster version with two 2435 mhp MTU engines offers an incredible peak speed of 50 knots at 1/3 loaded displacement. Poltrona Frau, one of the world’s best known leather furniture manufacturers, has designed and crafted all the helm station seating and tops, from the dashboard to the central driver and two co-pilot seats. The yacht’s construction process uses the special fibre glass vacuum moulding “Scrimp” system. The boat boasts numerous refined features, such as the elegant slide away glass partition, which is designed in collaboration with Besenzoni. This area includes two separate sections with an electro-hydraulic drive mechanism that slides the sections to a central module, which then drops into the floor providing an interesting design solution which joins the exterior and interior of the yacht together into one harmonious open space. The extendable-retractable hard top features a special twin electrical drive. Poltrona Frau sofas that have been specifically designed for this area and are inspired by the Quadra model. A vast L-shaped sofa has been designed so it can slide easily across to a secondary sofa to create a horseshoe-shaped settee. A retractable flat TV screen is positioned on the port wall whereas to enhance comfort and functionality in this part of the boat. A separate dining area has been created towards the stern. All fittings are furnished with pore oak, whereas wengè parquet has been selected for the floor. Practicality and hi-tech design also distinguishes the spacious cockpit, featuring three sofas upholstered in a waterproof fabric, a cocktail cabinet with a built-in sink, a teak table and a barbecue. The central area of the sundeck transforms into a spacious lunch table. The garage is also fitted with a special section of floor that can be lowered to facilitate the launch and docking of the RXP Sea Doo jet ski and the Williams 325 jet tender. The dinette in the bows is another new factor, especially when combined with the highly versatile, modular sundeck that also boasts a bimini top. This solution offers owners perfect privacy, like enjoying breakfast in complete peace far from movement on the quay, when the boat is moored at the stern. Below decks, the craft’s typically mega yacht style and floor plan continues. The galley, for example, has been separated from the saloon and can be accessed from the crew quarters to offer guests even more privacy. The exceptionally large L-shaped galley that is completely separated from the night zone and equipped with a dinette and stowaway table is a modern, comfortable and discreet environment. The night zone in both the three cabin version (with a dinette instead of the second central guest cabin) and the four cabin version is an outstanding example of comfort and design. The unique open-view maxi window in the Master Cabin is a remarkably light and airy feature. Today, the new Pershing 80’ is an example of how the shipyard continues to raise its standards in order to offer owners and guests a new way of “surprising the future”, and to enhance the ultimate experience of luxury at sea.

Bertram 800

Bertram Yacht, the legendary builder of high quality sport fishing yachts has introduced the largest Bertram to ever be built; the new Bertram 800. Leading the Bertram fleet into the future of sport fishing, the 800 delivers extreme power and performance of a sport fishing vessel while exuding ultimate luxury and comfort so its customers can access the lavish amenities they are accustomed to while out on the water. Designed closely in collaboration with Zuccon International Project and the Ferretti Group’s AYT - Advanced Yacht Technology, the 800 will be offered as an enclosed fly bridge, an open fly bridge convertible, and an optional sky bridge above the enclosed bridge version to meet a variety of needs. Designed to maximize all space on board, the 800 introduces new, innovative features like no other Bertram before it. This stunning sporti-fish is designed with a generous,extended full beam cockpit that provides ample space for a plethora of activities or entertainment on board. The cockpit is so large that there is room for at least two fighting chairs or large outdoor dining table for the extended family. The cockpit is also configured with an "L-shaped" mezzanine lounge seating area and an optional fixed cockpit table. The exclusive Anti-Rolling Gyro (ARG) system technology, that comes standard on the 800, is a special feature to help make for a more comfortable experience in a rolling or trolling environment. The cockpit offers refrigerator and freezer as well as a large port-side locker to store multiple sized rods, lures, and supplies. Two longitudinal fish boxes are located on either side of a centrally placed fighting chair on as well as a central access hatch to the lazarette. A super-sized pressurized bait well is a central focal point on the transom that can be customized with a plexi-glass window and lighting. The wide transom door, low freeboard and low draft have been tailored to our hard core fishing customer requests which make the Bertram 800 a perfect choice for tournaments. Behind its aggressive exterior shell that knows no boundaries, lies a luxurious oasis with extravagant amenities. The sizeable twenty two foot beam of its hull makes room for an incredibly spacious open layout interior salon and easily accommodates large groups on board. Beginning with the entry into the salon from the cockpit, the 800 features a large sliding glass door that provides easy access to and from the cockpit. The standard forward windshield also adds a unique touch to its natural brilliance, offering breathtaking views of the seas ahead. Additional windowssurround the salon, highlighting every corner on the yacht and the natural beauty of its luxury finishes and custom cabinetry in white oak or mahogany. The open galley offers an open bar and comes with optional fixed, sleek barstools for a modern day feel. Perfect for entertaining large groups, the salon area also makes room for a classic dining area ambiance. Various options also exist for the forward salon area to accommodate a choice of dedicated hostess quarters, larger galley or full pantry storage. A full fiberglass brow is also an option as compared to a full window and will vary pending the layout option preferred by the customer. Down below she has four separate staterooms, each with individual full head. The full beam master stateroom sits forward of the aft forward bulkhead and fuel tanks making this area a peaceful haven for reading and relaxing by the natural light of the large, elegant port-side windows. An additional day head is situated at the entrance of the salon, providing convenient access from the entry of the salon on the enclosed version and direct access from the cockpit on the convertible versions. It also features an integrated molded staircase that will be standard, providing a safe passage way to access the bridge in rough sea conditions. The crew cabin comes complete with private head and is situated to accommodate up to two crew.With a top speed of 35 knots and comfortable cruising at 30 knots, she has almost 500 miles of autonomy, making the new Bertram flagship the perfect fishing machine while maintaining the maximum comfort and luxury.

Ferretti 570

The Ferretti 570 embodies all the precious elements of design tradition of the shipyard that meets a new evolution. Designed by architect Gianni Zuccon from Studio Zuccon International Project, AYT – Advanced Yacht Technology, the Group’s naval research and design centre and the team of architects and designers of Ferretti Group’s Centro Stile, the new 570 features an innovative approach to space-design. The lower deck layout is configured with three cabins, which includes a full beam Owner suite with three bathrooms. An enormous emphasis and attention to detail was placed from conception to completion. The profile of Ferretti 570 is characterized by a sky lounge, which without roll bar or spoiler, is both sleek and sporty. The new windows design makes the yacht lines light and elegant: the main deck is covered by windows that allow a 360 degree view, while the lower deck offers the wide open view windows and, in addition, two new design windows. A large window is located at the bow with porthole windows that illuminate the VIP cabin as well as two oval-shaped porthole windows that enhance the natural light of the guest cabin and master head. The teak floored cockpit features a comfortable sofa-bench, covered by sun-cushions with ample storage that can be converted to full crew cabin with bathroom, by customer request. There is a beautiful connection between interior and exterior living on board. The stairs on the left give access to the flying bridge outfitted with bimini cover to create ample shade. Smart solutions allow to one to enjoy every moment outdoor, such as portside bar area, spacious lounge area with sofas that accommodate up to eight people at stern, extendible table and grill area with fridge. The helm is positioned on the starboard side, while a sun pad sits on the bow. An additional sun pad is offered on the main deck for additional lounging areas. Onboard the natural light is the dominating element that shines through the windows into the yacht. The interior is enhanced by warm tones bleached oak wood furniture. A fully-equipped galley is located stern and is designed for owners who love to cruise themselves. At starboard, there is furniture with doors and a wide sofa with convertible table for six guests; as well as a sofa and furniture with pop-up TV system. The pilothouse is in a raised position and allows for excellent visibility due to the large windows. The master cabin has been positioned in the centre of the yacht, covering the total width of the hull. It has a large wardrobe, a sofa and private bathroom and is illuminated by two large open-view windows. The Owner bathroom has a separated shower long porthole windows. It features elements of contemporary décor such as bleached oak that enhances the brightness of the spaces with refined colour contrasts created by the warm tones in wood and leather hand selected for the yacht. Created to meet the desires of customers at any age; the new 570 offers lavish creature comforts for great liveability on board with features such as its generous wide spaces, high-quality materials and superior performance. The Ferretti 570 is fitted with 2 engines MAN of 800 mhp or, upon request, 900 mhp. With this last motorization the cruising speed is 28 knots and maximum speed is 32.5 knots.

Bertram 540
This cutting edge Bertram embraces the traditional mold of sport fish design and yet enhances the way you experience sport fishing. The new 540 maintains many of the standout features of the classic 54’, but introduces a sleek shearline and other progressive features to strengthen its true performance. The new design is the product of a successful collaboration among the Bertram Design Team including the innovative naval architects at Zuccon International Project, the Ferretti Group’s AYT - Advanced Yacht Technology - naval research and design centre, and the team of architects and designers at the Centro Stile of Ferretti Group, all of which paid close attention to customer needs in the design process. The result was a sport fishing yacht that delivers ultimate steadfast performance and sea keeping ability combined with the ultra luxury and comfort. To best meet the requirements of its customers, the Bertram design team has tailored the 540 for two distinct markets; the hard core sport fishermen and the recreational fishing families. Both versions have exactly the same hull design and exterior lines that make Bertram recognizable to sport fishing enthusiasts. The famous sharp bow, long waterline and deep-V hull remain intact on the 540. These unique characteristics give the vessel the power to slice through rough seas and provide the smooth ride that Bertram is known for. The single fuel tank is located at the center line of buoyancy of the boat, which creates a zero trim effect, thereby improving overall performance and fuel efficiency. This yacht also features underwater exhaust thereby reducing noise and making the environment in the cockpit more enjoyable. The hard core fishing version, displayed for the first time at the 2010 Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show, comes complete with a fiberglass brow. Outfitted as a hard-core fishing machine, the 540 sport fishing edition is unmistakably recognized with an enclosed fiberglass brow and resembles the more traditional layout with galley forward and additional storage for essentials. Fully equipped with all of the outstanding fishing features that Bertram yachts are known for, the 540 offers additional amenities to make your fishing experience more pleasurable such as large in floor cockpit fish boxes, baitwell, choices of starboard-side freezer or tackle drawers, and of course, more rod storage. The sport fishing edition also offers an optional pressurized fish box with see-through window in the transom to give longevity for live bait. The interiors are gorgeously crafted with white oak, eucalyptus or cherry wood options to provide a light and airy allure to the yacht or a classic rich tone. The ambiance created from these windows and the open salon layout provides a unique experience for entertaining on the open water. A sliding salon door is another new feature that allows for easy entry to and from the cockpit. The large port and starboard side windows are encased within the fiberglass structure to add additional strength and exudes natural light with a spectacular view of the ocean. These windows are actually reinforced directly into the fiberglass, contributing to the overall hull strength to hold up to the roughest sport-fishing conditions. Powered with CAT 32 1676 hp engines, riding the 540 at top speeds is an exhilarating and powerful experience. Its performance is unparalleled, reaching 40+ knots.


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