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四月 27 2015

The Riva 76’ is born

Riva announces the new Riva 76’ coupé, already under construction in the Ferretti Group plant in La Spezia.
The new Riva creation will make its debut in September at the Ferretti Group Première event in Montecarlo, then at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2015.

At Riva, coupé is the synonym of a sporty and yet stylish yacht, bound to immediately become a cult, the heir of a history of success.
This project has been conceived preserving the family feeling with the other models in the brand’s sporty range, and deservedly joins other true masterpieces in Riva’s recent production: the Ego Super, the Domino, and the 122’ Mythos.

“I always feel a deep feeling pride and sense of responsibility when a new Riva yacht comes to life” – stated Ferretti Group’s CEO, Mr Alberto Galassi. The teams involved in the development of these projects are indeed living the challenging and fantastic experience of creating something unique and innovative while remaining faithful to the 173-year heritage of Riva.
The 76' reflects exactly this vision: it collects the inheritance of the past combined with the state-of-art technology to design another extraordinary Riva masterpiece.
With this contemporary coupé and the other two new Riva models we are presenting in 2015, Riva confirms once again its role of ambassador of the Italian beauty, technology and unrivalled style.”

The Riva 76’ stems from the cooperation between Mauro Micheli - the co-founder, with Sergio Beretta, of Officina Italiana Design (the firm that exclusively designs the entire Riva range) -, Ferretti Group’s Product Strategy Committee, and the Group’s Engineering department.

The Riva 76’ has a 22.98-metre (75.5 ft.) overall length and a beam of 5.75 metres (18.10 ft.).
This yacht immediately strikes for its sporty features and elegance, further enhanced by its colour shades.
The first hull boasts a new shade of metal silver, the already well-known Moon Grey, which is the dominating colour, found both in the hull and in most of the superstructure. In this model, it is combined with Riva’s classical dark shade, Bright Black, which has been skilfully used to better define the stylish shapes and volumes designed by OID. The sporty look is further highlighted by the over 40 square meters of glazed surfaces:

- the large hull glazing, on both sides, is outlined by two elliptical surfaces, ideally connected by the Riva logo, in polished stainless steel, one of the brand’s distinctive and traditional materials;
- the side glazing on the main deck, in turn, is ideally ‘cut through’ by a handrail installed along the edge of the superstructure, which makes the yacht’s profile even more slender. It extends the overall size of the glazing in the main salon, ensuring the utmost safety along the outdoor passageways;
- the wide windshield, supported by a central stanchion, comes in the largest possible size, in order to offer the captain the widest and most thorough visibility.

The lowered gunwale near the side glazing ensures a magnificent view from the salon and makes the yacht look even lighter. This lowering by no means reduces safety along the outdoor passageway, as the gunwale is covered by a thin fibreglass layer polished in Bright Black, which being in contrast with the glazing, is de facto invisible in the perceived profile of the yacht.

The spacious sun deck perfectly harmonises with the aerodynamic design and ensures the utmost privacy and relaxation, besides allowing to pilot the craft from a privileged position.

“Light, space, style…” - says Mauro Micheli. This new coupé perfectly fits into the groove of an established Riva tradition: create boats with strong sporting spirit, offering superior performance and comfort by combining the characteristic of a flybridge with those of an open.
The large glass surfaces with double curvature, integrated into a single layout, ensures enormous spaces comparable to those of larger size yachts. I designed the Riva 76’, minimizing the conceptual barrier between inside and outside to allow the owners to truly live the sea with authentic style which is, now more than ever, a need.
In this historical moments we must regain our optimism, allowing our lifestyle to express it, even playing a little.
The Riva 76' definitely expresses this aim: the strong desire to share what inspires us and we crave for, with the one we love."

The aft has been conceived to ensure comfort for the guests and user-friendliness for the crew. The transom (except for a small area to starboard that is fixed in order to exploit this section at best) slides down to be entirely submerged and turn into an underwater area where guests can relax, and which can be used as a safe platform to come out of the water.
To portside, a built-in staircase also makes stepping back onboard from the water much easier.
Once the garage door has been opened and the transom lowered, launching and hauling the tender (up to 3.25 metres) becomes really fast and easy. Upon request, a second water toy may be stored on the transom, which will thus also be used for launching operations.

Access to the cockpit from the transom is via two convenient built-in lateral staircases finished in natural teak; from the quay, access onboard is made possible by the starboard electrical-hydraulic gangway.
The cockpit area is fitted with an aft sofa that, upon request, can be turned into a large sunbathing area by adding a fibreglass fixed extension. Here are also some roomy storage compartments.
Starboard, near the large up-and-over window, stand the dining table and an L-shaped sofa, inside which the life rafts are stored. On the left, under the staircase leading to the sun deck, is the accessway to the crew cabin. A small storage, left of the staircase leading to the sun deck, can contain the additional pilot station.

All mooring equipment has been concealed. This clever solution aims at preserving the elegant shapes without reducing the simplicity of technical manoeuvres and while maximising ergonomic features, especially in the aft area. The mooring compartment doors have been replaced by polished stainless steel fixed grids, under which are all bitts and winches. The engine air intakes, on the hull bulwarks, are also protected by polished stainless steel milled grids in Riva’s traditional style, which is easily recognisable both on small models and on the flagship, the 122’ Mythos.
The aft access gates add yet another stylish touch: they come in the same shade as the hull and are flawlessly connected to, and almost perfectly concealed in, the central structure. This solution was already implemented on some iconic Riva yachts from the 1990s and can be found on the 122’ Mythos too.

An almost six-metre open space flooded by natural light welcomes guests onboard the Riva 76’.
Walking past the sliding glazed door that ensures perfect continuity between the interiors and the cockpit, together with the up-and-over window, a furniture unit extends on the port side up to halfway through the salon: here are the TV, featuring an electric lifting system, and the audio & video appliances. Further, near the lowered section of the gunwale, is the dining area seating eight people, with an L-shaped sofa, a glass table and four Poltrona Frau chairs.
On the starboard side, the salon features a large living with a sofa and a coffee table. This area softly unravels forward into the pilot station area, furnished with two seats - one for the captain and one for the co-pilot.

The night zone is over 11.50 metres long. Most of it has been reserved for the Owner, who has available a full-beam suite that is undoubtedly worth of larger yachts.
The Riva 76’ features 3 cabins with private head each.
The lobby manages the onboard circulation flows. From it, access can be gained to the master stateroom, located amidships, by walking through a door, on the left-hand side, and taking two more steps down, towards the stern. Besides the berth, which faces forward, is a relaxation area furnished with a sofa, to portside, while on starboard are a cabinet with a desk/vanity set running along the entire length of the glazing, which is arranged symmetrically on both bulwarks.
On the left, forward of the relaxation area, is the walk-in wardrobe.
The entrance lobby also leads to the master haed, which is divided into three different sections: sanitary fittings can be found towards the central part of the yacht; the cabinet with twin washbasins is towards the bulwark, in front of the glazing; and the shower is located forward.

Stepping down the stairs from the main deck, the galley can be reached on the right-hand side.
It is separated by a sliding door and is fitted with household appliances, a worktop, and the cooking top & sink, arranged in an L-shape along the bulwark and towards the stern.
Walking forward, a ceiling-high storage room hosts the washing machine and, upon request, a tumble drier, while on the starboard side access can be gained to the guest cabin, featuring 2 single beds and an independent access to the head. The latter, if accessed from the lobby, can also be used as a day toilet.
At the extreme bow the VIP cabin is furnished with a double wardrobe and featuring an ensuite head with separate shower.

Great care has been devoted to soundproofing the cabins. All walls forward and aft of the master stateroom feature an additional insulation, ensuring maximum comfort and dampening the sounds coming from other areas. The fuel tank is installed crosswise between Owner’s area and the crew quarters, ensuring additional soundproofing.
The sailor’s cabin is reachable from the cockpit and providing direct access to the engine room.
It develops crosswise and includes a sanitary fittings/toilet/shower area and a night area with two bunk beds to starboard.

The sun deck is bounded, aft and laterally, by a Bright Black handrail. In the centre is a seat facing forward, seating three people. A large sunpad can be found behind it. Another Moon Grey handrail with cushions serves as a backrest for the C-shaped sofa located in the forward area.
Two large peaks can be found at the end of this seat. Upon request, a concealing pilot station can be installed in the right peak, where a person can sit when cruising, after sliding the central seat towards the bulwark. In order to preserve the flawless aerodynamic profile even when the yacht is moored, the glass and polished stainless steel hatch dividing sun deck and cockpit can slide and be concealed under the sunpads.

The fore area is characterized by a wide lounge. A large sofa facing forward is located on the deckhouse, and can be sheltered by a small soft top. Two large storage can be found on the sides. A large sunpad, located at the bow, completes this private relaxation area.
The fore mooring equipment compartment has been built-in in the deck floor, on a lower level, and hidden by a hatch. This solutions allows to group together and conceal all technical components and equipment, while removing any possible obstacles from the walking surface and combining safety and comfort.

The new coupé is extremely refined, and perfectly embodies the idea of ‘simple complexity’ that characterizes every single Riva yacht.
Officina Italiana Design has worked with the Ferretti Group’s ‘Interior & Décor’ team to conceive original furnishing solutions, combining the brand’s traditional materials - wood, lacquered surfaces, leather, and stainless steels - with mirrored surfaces and marble. Moreover, the interior colour matching creates soft, pleasant contrasts between light and darker shades, with the aim to convey a sense of warmth and cosiness.

The interiors are dominated by teak, combined with the steel of furniture edges and several obsidian-shade lacquered surfaces, such as the frames of the glazing on the main deck and in the guest cabins. The mirror-effect laminate used for the bed bases is quite unique. LED lighting can be found throughout the yacht, including the by-now typical LED ceiling panels. All indoor floors, except in the bathrooms, are carpeted - a warm shade of grey melange with a jute base.

The cabins, all featuring similar décor elements, are pervaded by skilful material and colour combinations, as well as strategic solutions: the TV set, for instance, has been installed flush with a series of mirrors that line the wall, where it seems to be ‘floating’, thereby minimizing its aesthetic impact. Wardrobe doors are mirrored too.
Stylish dark lacquered inserts harmoniously match with leather in the berth band, which is in the same colour. The caramel-shade headboard, conversely, contrasts with the leather and the lacquered surfaces, making the atmosphere even warmer and harmoniously blending with teak. All bedspreads, by Armani Casa, are in a light colour shade. The wall lamps by Viabizzuno provide a convenient courtesy and reading light, in addition to the LEDs that frame the mirror above the beds.
The three heads also boast innovative features, thanks to the charming Port Saint Laurent dark marble with golden inserts used for the furniture tops, the washbasins, and all floors.

The new coupé ensures excellent performance, in line with all the other successful models in this brand’s range. The Riva 76’ comes with two V-drive MAN V12, 1,550 MHP engines, which allow it to reach a maximum speed of 33 knots and a cruising speed of 29 knots. The Owner can also choose more powerful engines, i.e. two MAN V12, 1.800 MHP each, that will push the yacht to a maximum speed of 37 knots and a cruising speed of 32 knots (preliminary data).



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