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janvier 20 2006

Ferretti Group: this year too the Group’s presence at Boot 2006 in Düsseldorf is impressive, as it is exhibiting 12 yachts, 5 of which are previews for the German

The Ferretti Group is one of the leading companies in the world within the sphere of designing and constructing luxury motor yachts and sporting boats. It will be at Boot 2006, the most important appointment for the nautical market in the Central-Northern European area, with a fleet of 12 motor yachts exhibited at a smart, exclusive stand, 5 of which are previews for the German market: Ferretti Altura 690,Pershing 56’, Itama 40’, Apreamare 38’ Open and Mochi Craft 44’Dolphin.
Additionally, scaled models of the whole CRN range will be on show at the Group’s stand, among which the innovative ‘Ability’ stands out. This is the biggest yacht ever built by the Ferretti Group, a 54 metre steel giant which was first launched in December 2005.
From the industrial point of view, the results the Ferretti Group achieved during the first few Boat Shows of the 2005/2006 season - Cannes, Monte Carlo, Genoa and Fort Lauderdale – were excellent. This is true both in terms of the huge number of highly impressed visitors who came to the stand, and the orders placed. This confirms Ferretti Group’s leading position on both the European and international nautical markets.
As of 31st December 2005, the Ferretti Group can count on a book order of 786.5 million Euros, an impressive 27% increase compared with the 619.1 million Euros registered during the same period of the previous year.
From the economical-industrial point of view, the 2004/2005 nautical year once again confirmed the Ferretti Group’s excellent trend in the pleasure boating sector, fruit of its continuing commitment to and huge investments in R&D and studying new design and technological solutions.
The closing results as of 31st August 2005 registered a consolidated turnover of 636 million Euros for the Ferretti Group, a +14% increase compared with the 557 million Euros registered the previous year, and an Ebitda of 89 million Euros (+7%compared with the 83 million Euros registered on 31st August 2004).
As for Group production, 426 new yachts were delivered during the 2004/2005 nautical year compared with the 373 registered for the previous year (+14%).
Düsseldorf, 21st – 29th January 2006
The Ferretti Group is presenting the following models at Boot 2006, divided into single brands:
Ferretti Yachts: Altura 690 (preview for the German market)
Ferretti 550
Pershing: Pershing 56’ (preview for the German market)
Pershing 46’
Pershing 62’
Itama: Itama 40’ (preview for the German market)
Riva Rivale
Apreamare Apreamare 38’ Open (preview for the German market)
Apreamare 45’ Comfort
Mochi Craft: 44'Dolphin (preview for the German market)
Ferretti Yachts
Altura 690 (preview for the German market)
Altura 690 is the first model in a new line of yachts. Ferretti Yachts’ choice to name the new model Altura 690 (21 metres – 68 feet) came from a wish to re-propose the philosophy which had been behind the creation of the Altura line, i.e. comfortable yachts with plenty of space which make it possible to “live” on board for medium-long periods of time, characterised by a more nautical, seafaring finish, such as the marked use of wood.
Designed by Studio Zuccon International Project and Ferretti Group Engineering Division, the Altura 690 is a perfect combination of an AFT Cabin motor yacht (with the master cabin located aft) designed for medium to long range cruises almost as if it were a “second home”, also suited to river navigation, and that of a flying bridge, a design solution which carries all the technical and design features of the Ferretti Yachts lines. The continuous research carried out by the Ferretti Group Engineering Division has achieved a high performance and a displacement speed of 11.5 knots, resulting in a 500 mile navigation autonomy, ideal for medium-long range cruises.
Ferretti 550
The Ferretti 550, designed by Studio Zuccon International Project and the Ferretti Group’s Engineering Division, now has a new layout. For the very first time, a craft of this size features three cabins and three bathrooms.
Special windows were designed for this model as well, and the unusual design of the oval windows make the guest cabins light and airy.
The interiors have been furnished with open-pore varnished opaque light oak. The galley and bathroom floors have been laid with wengé tiles.
The new design of the dashboard features a dining area located alongside the controls, with a coffee table and large sofa.
The large spoiler provides space for a 3.2-meter tender or a jet-ski.
The new tank is more capacious, giving the Ferretti 550 11 hours’ range at a cruising speed of 30 knots.
Pershing 56' (preview for the German market)
The Pershing 56’ represents Pershing class and personality reinterpreted as a result of the boatyard’s constant research into total onboard comfort. This 18 metre yacht has an aggressive profile, spacious volumes and a many-sided character.
The new model is the result of the work of the team composed of Fulvio De Simoni and the Pershing and Ferretti Group Engineering Divisions, and its lines, shape and volumes maintain the typical identity of the Pershing shipyard. Its silver and white colours, with the distinctive black band and inserts, stylishly complete its resolute, harmonious profile. Contrasting with this, the interiors are richly furnished with precious woods such as wengé and the bright finish of polished pear.
The three outstanding features of the Pershing 56’ are the optimisation of its surface in keeping the interiors high, the spacious cockpit reminiscent of a flybridge, and its incredible performance, as this model can reach a speed of 46 knots.
With its soaring, aggressive outer profile and the soft cosiness of its interiors, the Pershing 56’ offers a series of design solutions which guarantee perfect onboard life. Ample spaces and remarkable innovations both at a technical and a furnishing level combine to make this model the new young star of Next Generation Pershing.
Pershing 46’
The Pershing 46’ is characterised by high functionality and rational use of spaces. The first noticeable feature is the large cockpit dominated by a spacious C-shaped sofa with an extendable table which can seat up to 8 people. The large sundeck in the stern – which contains a spacious and practical peak – the spacious sundeck in the bow and the large cockpit guarantee the shipowner and his or her guests a level of comfort seldom found onboard yachts of this size.
A relevant and innovative element of the Pershing 46’, supplied as standard, is the anchor chain airbag, patented by Pershing. The system works by means of an inflatable bag which, by compacting the chain inside the peak, prevents it from becoming entangled during navigation.
This grand little yacht is powered by 2 800 HP MAN Common Rail engines, coupled with axial line propellers. It can reach a top speed of approximately 40 knots, while its cruising speed is 35 knots.
Pershing 62’
The Pershing 62’ is based on the new “Family concept” philosophy which introduces a new way of enjoying the yachting experience.
The merit goes to the special inventions, both fundamental and stylistic, which characterise this model, guaranteeing the owner’s family and guests unconditional privacy and comfort.
The main innovation is the reorganisation of the cabins below deck, which can all be accessed separately. One access is for guests wishing to reach the VIP cabin in the stern and runs directly from the upper lounge; the entrance to the second, a separate night area reserved for the owner and his family, is situated next to the dashboard; and the third is for access to the sailor’s cabin, furnished with a single bed, wardrobe, wall unit, washing machine, toilet and shower - from the outside cockpit.
The quest for total privacy on this yacht is matched by a series of highly original design solutions.
Itama 40' (preview for the German market)
The new Itama Forty is a further evolution of the Itama 40’, a new layout which makes this over 13-metre Open a captivating remake with highly innovative features which do not, however, alter the charm of this sleek, successful yacht. Of the innovations are the size of this yacht, which is now 40 foot, unlike the previous model which measured 38’ in hull length, and the new design, which guarantees a better layout of the interior and exterior areas. The racy, streamlined shape is uniquely and aggressively Itama, with its distinctive 22° deep-V hull guaranteeing unrivalled handling. The new Itama Forty stands out for its speed, too, driven by two 450 hp MAN engines, which guarantee high performance, making it a powerful, reliable open with a perfect cruising trim. Moreover, a careful study carried out on the weights of this yacht has led to alterations being made to significant factors such as the engines and tanks, which have been positioned on the barycentre of the new Itama Forty, to ensure a perfect trim angle in all conditions.
Of the various members of the Riva family, this is the yacht whose character, as indeed its name suggests, is both strong and gritty. This is not only a question of its name however. Indeed, Rivale’s unique, sharp line has a smart, welcoming heart, created from wood and quality textiles. The interior design is based on a harmonious blend of elegance and sobriety, and cleverly set out living areas. Like all the Riva models it has been designed by Officina Italiana Design, in collaboration with Chairman of Riva, Norberto Ferretti and the Ferretti Group’s Engineering Division. Rivale makes excellent use of the space available, featuring large cabins, a comfortable dining-area and a cockpit which satisfies all demands for outdoor living, as well as the largest garage for this category. The size of this unrivalled 52 footer has been chosen for shipowners wishing to man and enjoy their yacht firsthand (if this is the case, the seaman’s cabin can be used as a guest cabin); for those wishing to enjoy life at sea in comfort indeed, but also total privacy, counting on total reliability and simplicity of use. Rivale carries the philosophy of Riva yachts: personality, style, elegance and constant innovation.
This is the yacht which, more than any other, is a natural meeting point between the past and modern Riva. Its soft, elegant lines reflect a taste for tradition, the valuable, beautifully carved woods and luxurious finishes increase the pleasure of boating in a classical, timeless model offering both unique, incomparable emotions and comfort.
Symbol of Riva’s modern elegance and style, Aquariva has confirmed its presence and success on all continents, just as the legendary Aquarama - now a cult yacht for collectors all over the world - did a few decades ago.
Apreamare 38’ Open (preview for the German market)
Designed and created for a demanding, experienced shipowner, with a love of boating, the new Apreamare 38’ features comfortable living areas, both indoors and out. Usable, spacious and sunny are the passwords for the “Open” version. Designed by architects Tommaso Spadolini and Umberto Tagliavini, this yacht stands out for its highly innovative external layout featuring original, modern lines.
The large living areas and excellent rationalisation made it possible to choose a range of solutions which guarantee top levels of comfort. These include the comfortable chaise-longue in the bow and reclining seat of the sofa in the bow, which make these areas enjoyable and usable.
The comfort version of the Apreamare 38’, on the other hand, has more classical lines and the division of the different areas faithfully follows shapes which have been tried and tested on other models produced in the shipyard in Sorrento.
This yacht is specially dedicated to pleasure boaters voyaging with friends or family who wish to enjoy a relaxing, short to medium range cruise in total comfort.
Apreamare 45’ Comfort
Apreamare 45’ is one of the yachts which best represent the features of the Apreamare trademark in terms of style and elegance, soundness, seaworthiness, and internal and external liveability.
This Comfort version has been much appreciated by Apreamare clients with increasingly higher demands, who want a yacht with large interior spaces. They can entertain up to 6 guests, thanks to the two cabins, the shipowner’s in the bow, a cabin with 2 single beds, and a spacious dining-area which can be transformed into double bed if needed. The internal layout also comprises 2 bathrooms with separate shower and a large kitchen.
The cockpit and sundeck on the bow are in line with the Apreamare client’s philosophy of life at sea, who loves outdoor life in a spacious environment.
Last but not least, the performance of the Apreamare 45’ is guaranteed by 2 500 hp Volvo Penta common rail motors, resulting in a top speed of 31 knots and a cruise speed of 26.
Mochi Craft
44'Dolphin (preview for the German market)
The 44’ Dolphin is the result of the collaboration between Norberto Ferretti, Studio Victory Design and the Ferretti Group’s Engineering Division, a team which has once again managed to make innovative choices for the 44-footer market segment, too.
The 44’ Dolphin presents all the distinctive features which create the personality of Mochi Craft lobster boats. Its raised prow is harmoniously linked to the Dolphin’s unmistakeable reverse stern. It has a wide cockpit and rounded shape, and wood covers every part of the boat, including the handrails. The ceramic tiles in the bathroom are in 1950s retro style with cross-handle taps and fittings, and the cabins feature the typical English style inlay work which has been so highly praised in previous models. The colour of the wood blends harmoniously with the light-coloured upholstery.
Thus, from the very first glance, one recognises the unmistakeable style which gives shape to a craft with a lively, curious spirit, as indeed the colour of the hull chosen for the first boat in production clearly shows. “Coral” recalls the colour of the lobsters caught by the original lobster boats, now recreated using the Mochi Craft philosophy.
This 44’ Dolphin has enabled Mochi Craft to blend the lobster boat style with the lively flexibility and sportiness of a 44-foot craft, creating a unique vessel that can reach up to 33 knots, even in extremely difficult sea and weather conditions, and is also suitable for shallow depths, with a 4 feet of draft.
The 74’ Dolphin maintains the traditional style of lobster boats, typical American craft originally produced in New England.
The 74-foot model is a fascinating old-time yacht, with harmonious shapes and characterised by a design which reproduces in a modern way the 1950’s lines creating a timeless beauty, particularly elegant in its fittings and furniture.
The windows, an unmistakable feature of this yacht, immediately make a strong impression. One surrounds the internal helm seat allowing for a wide front view; the two lower ones on the sides enable guests to admire the sea while relaxing comfortably in the lounge or dining area. As this yacht is over 22 metres long, it has been possible to design a wide, stylish flybridge on the lower bridge.
Mochi Craft lobster boats can be fitted with 2 1,500 Mhp MTU engines. The 74’ Dolphin can thus reach a top speed of 34 knots and the cruising speed of 31.
Lastly, the innovative Mitsubishi ARG, Anti Rolling System stabilisers can also be installed on this craft, making it possible to sail comfortably and safely, and moor in either a roadstead or harbour enjoying total stability on-board.


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