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octobre 5 2007

Ferretti Group, a leading figure at the Genoa Boat Show with 14 new models

Genoa, 6th October 2007 – Ferretti Group, at the very heights of the international luxury yacht segment, is present at the Genoa Boat Show with the excellence of its motoryachts, displayed in a huge, sensationally unique layout.
The 50 yachts on display in the "Marina 1 - scoperto" area confirm Ferretti Group’s commitment to a constant quest for quality and technological innovation and best represent its prestigious portfolio of brands (Ferretti Yachts, Pershing, Itama, Bertram, Riva, Apreamare, Mochi Craft, Custom Line and CRN). Of the 50 yachts displayed, 14 are new models - 6 world previews and 8 Italian previews.
The 14 new yachts being presented in Genoa, further enriching Ferretti Group’s already large fleet, are:
Ferretti Yachts: Ferretti 551, Ferretti 592, Ferretti 510 and Ferretti 881 RPH
Pershing: Pershing 72’
Bertram: Bertram 630 with mezzanine cockpit seating
Riva: SportRiva 56’
Apreamare: Apreamare 32’ Open, Apreamare 38’ Comfort Restyling, Apreamare 64’
Mochi Craft: Dolphin 54’, Dolphin 64’Fly
Custom Line: Navetta 26
CRN: CRN 43.
Fourteen new models are being presented in Genoa, of which 6 world previews and 8 Italian previews:
Ferretti Yachts: Ferretti 551, Ferretti 592, Ferretti 510 and Ferretti 881 RPH
Pershing: Pershing 72’
Bertram: Bertram 630 with mezzanine cockpit seating
Riva: SportRiva 56’
Apreamare: Apreamare 32’ Open, Apreamare 38’ Comfort Restyling, Apreamare 64’
Mochi Craft: Dolphin 54’, Dolphin 64’Fly
Custom Line:Navetta 26
The distinctive features of each model have been outlined below.
Ferretti 551 (world preview)
Restyling of the 550 model, which has enjoyed considerable success over the years, Ferretti 551 was developed through the consolidated working relationship between Studio Zuccon International Project and AYT - Ferretti Group Engineering Division. This new yacht stands out for her racy line, lighter than that of the previous model due to larger windows on the main deck, and features even better lit interiors and improved visibility at the helm. Indoors, the organisation of the various areas makes it possible to have three cabins on a 17.37 metre yacht. The master cabin is at bow, two double cabins with twin beds and three bathrooms to accommodate up to 6 people. For the crew, the standard layout of Ferretti 551 provides for a single cabin with en-suite bathroom, and direct access from the galley to ensure greater privacy for the guests. If necessary, another area, astern, can be fitted out as a second service cabin.
Extensive space has been reserved for relaxation on the fly-bridge, which features a large sundeck and barbecue area enabling those aboard to spend more time out of doors. The new Ferretti 551 is evidence of the painstaking attention AYT - Advanced Yacht Technology, pays to all the yachts in the fleet. On request, Ferretti 551 can be fitted out with new, sophisticated technologies which will further enhance on-board comfort, such as ARG (Anti Rolling Gyro system). This gyroscopic, anti-rolling system developed exclusively by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries for Ferretti Group, allows for a reduction of over 50% in the rolling caused by wave movement.
With regard to performance, the new model is fitted with twin 900 hp MAN engines which can reach a top speed of 33.5 knots, and a cruising speed of 30.
Ferretti 592 (world preview)
The new model, Ferretti 592, fruit of the working relationship between Studio Zuccon International Project and AYT – Ferretti Group Engineering Division, is an 18 metre fly-bridge yacht that replaces the 591 model. This new model features a range of important changes, revolutionising the quality of life on board. First and foremost, the windows have been extended to provide almost continuous coverage, and the 360° view enables those on-board to enjoy interiors which are completely immersed in natural light. The position of the galley astern, is another, fundamental aspect, which both optimises and increases the liveability of the interiors. The up and over window makes it possible to create an open space comprising the cockpit, galley and living area, so those on-board can enjoy their time together in total comfort. The night area has been completely redesigned, too, and a full-beam master cabin created, featuring two open view windows which fill the cabin with natural light, and a chaise longue. This cabin can be compared with the master suite usually found on larger yachts. As well as the master cabin, Ferretti 592 also features both a double-bedded and a twin-bedded cabin, all with en-suite bathrooms and separate showers. Two large, double cabins on a yacht of less than 60 feet in length is an advantage the public values highly, clearly demonstrating it recognises the potential of the Ferretti Yachts design solutions. Moreover, Ferretti 592’s third cabin, furnished with twin beds, is extremely liveable, thanks to the careful study made of the yacht. The space in the cabin has been designed in such a way it has been possible to create a spacious wardrobe for clothing and luggage.
Above deck, Ferretti 592 features large spaces for enjoying sea and sun. The flying bridge, which has no roll bar, features a large sundeck just in front of the helm station, and a comfortable, U-shaped divan set around a table beside the fridge-grill area.
As for performance, Ferretti 592 is fitted with twin 900 hp or 1100 MAN engines, the latter guaranteeing a top speed of 33.5 knots, and a cruising speed of 30.
Ferretti 510 (Italian preview)
The new, revolutionary Ferretti 510, the result of the working relationship between Studio Zuccon International Project and AYT - Ferretti Group Engineering Division, was designed with the ambitious mission of redefining the standards of the 50 foot fly-bridge segment, and win over a younger, more dynamic target clientele.
Compact in size, just 16 metres long by almost 5 metres wide, the 510 makes it possible to experience great Italian luxury and cruise while indulging in a level of comfort previously unknown to this market segment. Her full beam master cabin, featuring a chaise longue and large open-view window, is a true suite at sea level. The up-and-over window in the stern makes it possible to create an open space in the living area, comprising the salon, cockpit, galley/bar and dining area. Lastly, the sky lounge has no roll bar, and features a spoiler, giving this yacht a sporty, yet formally, elegant line. The streamlined, aggressive design of the external profile is characterised by large windows providing a 360° view of the sea and making the living area extremely light and airy. On-board, the well-equipped galley is positioned to the right, whilst to the left there is a large, deep corner sofa, with a table which can seat up to 6 people. After the galley, on the left, is another sofa and the steps leading up to the fly-bridge. Besides the master cabin, the night area features solutions normally used for larger crafts, namely two double cabins, one with a double bed, the other with twin beds.
As far as performance is concerned, Ferretti 510 can be fitted with twin 730 hp or 800 hp MAN engines, both pushing this yacht to a top speed of over 30 knots.
Ferretti 881 RPH (Italian preview)
The new Ferretti 881 RPH (Raised Pilot House), the result of the working relationship between Studio Zuccon International Project and AYT - Ferretti Group Engineering Division, is an alternative to Ferretti 881, to which an upper deck with a pilot house dominating the sea has been added. The philosophy of the interiors is in line with the innovative solutions introduced on the Ferretti Yachts flagship from which Ferretti 881 RPH originates. The result is a design effort to make navigation even more comfortable, while enabling more versatile use of the space on board.
The layout of the pilot house on the upper deck has been designed to allow the captain to access the helm station without necessarily walking through the guest zones. This design solution makes Ferretti 881 RPH ideal for high level charter services.
On the fly-bridge, a large, L-shaped sofa with an extendable table, and a sundeck towards stern, covering the optional jacuzzi, turn this into an ideal area for sharing unforgettable moments with guests, thanks also to the bar furniture incorporating sink, fridge, hob and grill. Below deck, the master cabin, set across the entire width of the central part of the hull is an out and out suite in terms of space, and natural light is provided by two large open-view windows set on both sides. Besides the master cabin, the yacht features a cabin with twin beds and en-suite bathroom, and a VIP cabin in the bow.
As for performance, Ferretti 881 RPH has been fitted with different engines to the original version. Twin 2211 hp MTU engines easily meet any owner’s expectations, pushing the yacht to a top speed of 30 knots and a cruising speed of 26.
Pershing 72’ (Italian preview)
Pershing 72’ is pure innovation, in which the painstaking attention paid to design, high level of technology and a revolutionary interior layout have completely changed the concept of life at sea.
With a radically new hull profile, fruit of the endless creativeness of yacht designer Fulvio De Simoni, and continuous consultation with founder and Chairman of Pershing Tilli Antonelli and AYT - Ferretti Group Engineering Division, Pershing 72’ presents herself as a forerunner from every point of view.
Advanced technology is paramount on this new model, starting with the exclusive glass partition between cockpit and upper salon which slides away into the floor, making it possible to transform the interior and exterior into a single environment
The new hard top is like a sunroof, making it possible to completely open or close the cockpit. The revolutionary gangway was created with Besenzoni. The night area, divided into three cabins and three bathrooms, stands out for the sophisticated comfort of the full beam master cabin, which is amazingly bright and sunny thanks to two special open-view windows which offer spectacular sea views.
The furnishing and finishes, the seating and leather ceiling panels were all designed in partnership with prestigious company Poltrona Frau.
With twin 1823 hp MTU Common Rail engines combined with an Arneson drive, this model can reach speeds of up to 45 knots, while maintaining a trim guaranteeing perfect comfort, fully-satisfying the sporting spirit of the Pershing brand.
Bertram 630 (Italian preview)
The powerful Bertram 630 sets the standard for today’s luxury sport-fishing yacht, offering an unprecedented combination of advanced performance and sophisticated design.
The 630, fruit of the working relationship between Studio Zuccon International Project, Ferretti Group and Bertram Yacht, has more advanced characteristics than any other convertible in its class. She features a stairway directly linked to the bridge, making it easier to access the cockpit and guaranteeing greater safety in very rough seas. The bridge features more stowage space, more seating, and an improved helm arrangement which guarantees the best distribution of the living areas in a convertible of this size. The interiors of the 630 are, as in all Bertrams, a unique experience of superior yacht craftsmanship thanks to the beautiful finishes, the finest high gloss or satin finished genuine cherry wood. The design maximizes interior space by not simply creating space, but also generating a feeling of spaciousness, something which is often overlooked in sport-fishing yacht designs.
One of the most remarkable features of this yacht is the exclusive Anti Rolling Gyro (ARG) system, the Mitsubishi stabilizer which allows for a reduction of over 50% in the rolling caused by wave movement both during navigation and when the yacht is moored. The mezzanine cockpit seating option is also available on Bertram 630 which, besides offering increased storage and an additional freezer, also guarantees an improved view of the bait spread and the comfort of more seating. Remarkably, the mezzanine layout only reduces cockpit space by a few inches, which is important to a design which carries beam further aft and maintains the square foot advantage common to every Bertram. Most significantly, this layout also offers more seating.
As for performance, Bertram 630 cruises comfortably at 35 knots and can reach a top speed of 41. In 2007, Bertram 630 ‘Moppie’ was the first 630 to install the most advanced technology of the new series of MTU 12V 2000 Common Rail Marine Engines, at 1825 hp, as well as the Common Rail Fuel Injection System and new electronics taking Bertam 630 to an even higher level of technology.
SportRiva 56’ (Italian preview)
SportRiva 56’, a yacht with a "sporty glamour" philosophy featuring Riva’s inimitable style, guaranteed by Mauro Micheli and the designers at Officina Italiana Design.
This yacht is the first in a new line called SportRiva, whose models will be defined by their length. Studied to satisfy the demands of owners who, while not wishing to renounce to the lines of an Open, prefer the convenience of a closed, air-conditioned upper salon, SportRiva is ideal for sailing in countries with a tropical clime.
The extended, aggressive bow gives her a strongly dynamic appearance, whilst a number of highly innovative solutions for the interior and exterior layouts, such as the large living area on the upper deck and elegant central ladder enabling easy access to the fly-bridge make this yacht a true jewel of modern design.
SportRiva 56’ features top of the range, hand-made finishes, sophisticated quality materials, careful research to ensure total liveability in the various areas, and a new exclusive "Roman Bronze" colour specially studied and produced for her.
Fitted with twin 900 hp MAN engines, SportRiva 56' guarantees, as always, an exceptional performance, reaching a top speed of 34 knots and a cruising speed of 30, with a 270 mile range at cruising speed.
Apreamare 38’ Comfort (world preview)
The new Apreamare 38’ Comfort, “big brother” of Apreamare 32’, presented during the 2006 Boat Show in Cannes, further strengthens the range of the shipyard’s gozzi Sorrentini, consolidating the winning formula of this innovative type of craft, desired and invented by Cataldo Aprea.
Thanks to its well-established partnership with Victory Design, Apreamare shows how it is possible to further develop this traditional boat, by launching new models designed at an enviable pace.
The formal and volumetric reinterpretation of the traditional gozzo Sorrentino continues with a totally up-to-date feel, characterised by the combination of "taut, curved lines" in the deck area which give the craft a sporty, exciting appeal.
Compared with the previous version, the layout features significant changes which guarantee greater liveability in the areas below deck.
Key point of the project is the sought-after relationship between indoors and out, guaranteed by the generous size of the opening of the companion which enables excellent communication between the furnishings of the cockpit and galley, the latter of which is fitted out with all the essential accessories.
Apreamare 32’ Open (world preview)
Apreamare 32’ Open, the new model of the gozzi range and evolution of the Comfort model, has been designed in full-respect of the traditional, distinctive style of the Apreamare shipyard.
The soft, sinuous external lines of the new model have, as always, been inspired by the traditional boats of the Amalfi Coast. However, thanks to the stylistic contribution of Victory Design, they are both innovative and up-to-date, fully-meeting the expectations of modern pleasure boaters who want a sporty feel with a fighting spirit.
The large sundeck located at bow, which can also be used during sailing, underlines 32’ Open’s “bubbly” character and confirms the strong “marine spirit” which has always been a feature Apreamare’s creations.
Below deck, the open space layout echoes the much-appreciated mix of “elegance and comfort” which can be found in all the models in the gozzo range, particularly in 32’ Comfort, presented at last year’s Genoa Boat Show.
As for performance, Apreamare 32’ Comfort is equipped with twin 225 hp engines, making it possible to reach a top sped of 27/28 knots and a cruising speed of 23/24.
Apreamare 64’ (world preview)
Due to the great enthusiasm shown for Apreamare 60’ - presented at the Genoa Boat Show in 2005 – Apreamare decided to continue with the formal and volumetric evolution of the original gozzo Sorrentino. The result of the project restyling is Apreamare 64'.
Destined for pleasure boaters who respect tradition and love contemporary classics, Apreamare 64’, the new flagship of the line, is smart and essential in shape, enabling those on-board to experience the pleasure of a natural relationship with the sea.
The stern area, the main focus of the project thanks to its distinct design, blends perfectly with the lines of the hull, emphasising the classical, round shape for which this yacht has always stood out.
Below deck, the layout guarantees total comfort and functionality, featuring 3 cabins, each with a comfortable, en-suite bathroom.
The materials used for the furnishings are both classical and natural, with a predominance of polished and matt mahogany, Viennese straw and mirrored, chrome-plated steel.
The new model is also available in a fly-bridge version.
The standard version of Apreamare 64’ features twin 900 hp MAN common rail engines, with an optional choice of twin 1100 hp MAN common rail engines.
Dolphin 54’ (world preview)
Dolphin 54’, the new lobster boat by Mochi Craft - available in both sun top and fly-bridge versions - is ready to seduce lovers of the sea. Created through the working relationship between Norberto Ferretti, Ferretti Group Engineering Division and Studio Victory Design, the elegant, new Mochi Craft lobster boat retains the sophisticated vintage style embodied by the entire fleet, and the excellent sailing characteristics, cutting edge technology and high performance of previous models.
The design solutions include the rearrangement of on-board areas, giving this 16 metre yacht the liveability of a much larger model, whilst still retaining typical Dolphin features such as the sinuous lines, highlighted by the new creamy-yellow livery and extensive use of solid wood, beginning with the inviting teak flooring of the large cockpit.
The cockpit provides access to the sun top with a sliding canopy featuring a large sundeck, and the hydraulically-opening garage which houses a tender. The salon is furnished with a C-shaped, leather divan and an extendable teak table. The latest innovation is the spacious, well-equipped galley which extends along the starboard side of the salon, providing access to a below deck storage area which can be transformed into a welcoming crew cabin with separate bathroom, on request.
Below deck, at the end of the corridor lies the master cabin, featuring two large windows, two wardrobes, a large set of drawers set beneath the bed and numerous wall units. There are two guest cabins: a twin bedded cabin, and a third cabin which provides for a standard version with a double bed and extra single above it, or an optional version with large double bed and spacious wardrobe.
Comfort and stability are granted by the variable geometry, deep V-shaped hull, and average deadrise angle of 19° with longitudinal steps. Dolphin 54’ is powered by two latest generation 800 hp MAN Common Rail engines which push the yacht to a cruising speed of 28 knots and a top speed of 32 (preliminary data).

Dolphin 64’ Fly (Italian preview)
The new lobster boat Dolphin 64’ Fly underlines a vocation for uniqueness strongly desired by Norberto Ferretti, and is the result of the working relationship between Victory Design and AYT - Ferretti Group Engineering Division. With the fly-bridge model, Mochi Craft offers owners the opportunity to choose between Dolphin 64’ “Open version”, featuring an additional sundeck, and the “flying bridge version” featuring an extra upper deck for relaxing with friends or family in the open, and organizing lunches or an aperitif in a special atmosphere.
In the traditional style of the Mochi Craft brand, Dolphin 64’ stands out for the harmonious, rounded shape of her hull, her distinctive colouring, the use of fine woods and leathers and the sophisticated design of her bitts. The latter are carefully milled by craftsmen from a single block of steel and feature an engraved dolphin, symbol of the shipyard.
The electro-hydraulically, opening garage is positioned under the flooring of the large cockpit, and houses a tender. Moving towards the bow, the well-equipped galley is located on the left, whilst the steering station on the right features a small armchair.
Below deck, the layout comprises three cabins and three bathrooms. The master suite offers a complete range of comforts and features teak flooring, as indeed so does the rest of the yacht. Guests are also well-catered for, with a large VIP cabin at the bow and another double cabin in the centre of the yacht. A cabin accessed from the cockpit is available for the crew, with bunk-beds, an extra bed if required, and a en-suite bathroom.
Besides aquamarine, the Dolphin 64’ fly is also available in turquoise, coral and beige, in addition to the more classical deep blue and amaranth.
The yacht can be powered in one of two ways, by twin 1100 hp MAN V10 or 1224 hp MAN V12 engines. The latter, optional, alternative pushes her to a cruising speed of 28 knots and a top speed of 32. Lastly, two exclusive Mitsubishi ARG Anti Rolling Gyro System stabilisers can also be installed on this model.
Navetta 26 (Italian preview)
Navetta 26, the new, leading model of the fleet’s semi-displacement line-up, created through the working relationship between Studio Zuccon International Project and AYT - Ferretti Group Engineering Division, has been designed to set new standards of quality for life on-board. She is 26 metres in length and just under 7 m in width, enabling those on-board to cruise in a new dimension of comfort, relaxation and wellbeing. Navetta 26 intercepts the new social and nautical mega trends reflecting the preferences of “mature” owners and responds better to their higher expectations: a wish for silence, space, light and, more generally, relaxation and wellbeing on-board.
Three elements can be considered as veritable breakthroughs: a large open-view window which converts each cabin into a suite on the sea; a sky lounge featuring removable glass walls, which make it possible to create a single open space with the external lounge area and the sunbathing area featuring large sundecks and a jacuzzi; and the fact that on-board comfort is ensured by the exclusive Anti-Rolling Gyro System, supplied as standard, which allows for a reduction of over 50% in the rolling caused by wave movement both during navigation and when the yacht is moored.
The classical exterior lines take their cue from the celebrated shape of the “Navetta” range, and are perfectly integrated with the interior design, establishing a harmonious set of functional solutions which use the available space effectively, all to the advantage of habitability. The light-coloured elm wood creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere, and furnishings, fabrics and décor can be personalised to the owner’s preference. The lower deck can house three or four guest cabins, depending on the layout decided by the owner.
The standard version of Navetta 26 is equipped with twin MAN V8-900 engines, which drive the yacht to a top speed of 14.5 knots and a cruising speed of 11. Alternatively, the MAN V10-100 model reaches a top speed of 16 knots and a cruising speed of around 13.
CRN 43 (Italian preview)
The first hull of the new CRN 43 displacement line, “Emerald Star”, launched last May, is the largest vessel ever produced by the CRN shipyard in composite materials.
The mega-yacht presents a one-of-its-kind external layout, together with a masterful arrangement of the internal spaces. A joint effort of the CRN technical staff and the Zuccon International Project Firm, which handled the design of the internal and external lines, this 43-metre maxi-yacht has three decks and a bulbous hull.
An ideal ship for long, comfort-filled cruises, “Emerald Star” can accomodate 10 passengers and 9 crew members. The external spaces feature large volumes and extensive open-air spaces, all designed to allow the shipowner and guests to regain a more direct contact with the sea.
This is the point of the installation, on the aft portion of the lower deck, of a fitness room equipped with the most advanced Technogym equipment available, entered from the outside by means of an open-air stairway made of steel and teak, and from the inside along a passageway that connects it directly to the main lounge. The CRN 43-metre expresses a new philosophy of life at sea. Now cruising on a mega-yacht provides not only an occasion for discovering exotic paradises, but also a chance to take care of one’s body and soul. Another distinguishing feature of this ship is the area created by opening the stern hatch, which transforms itself into a beach platform perched over the water, connected with the fitness area and designed to bring guests as close to the sea as possible.
While the external areas of “Emerald Star” stress its distinctive personality, thanks in no small part to the colours of the fabrics, selected in striking hues of emerald green and blue, all the interior settings are decorated in a more formal style. The undying allure of the classic, expression of a mature, refined taste on the part of a shipowner who is not influenced by passing fads, but searches for motifs whose elegance and value remain unchanged over time.
Exquisite panelling in natural cherry wood is found on all four decks of the maxi-yacht, interrupted only at its juncture points (hallways and lobbies) by sumptuous inlays of tobacco-colour, antiqued leather.
The shipowner’s suite, preceded by a private studio, faces out onto the sea, thanks to an exclusive terrace that is a special feature of this ship.
Two CATERPILLAR C32-C engines power the vessel at a maximum speed of 15.5 knots and a cruising speed of 13 knots: levels of performance that provide the crowning touch for a vessel which stresses the pleasure of navigation and life onboard, thanks in large part to the installation of 7 MITSUBISHI ARG MSM-5000 stabilisers.


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