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On 1 May 2000 the Ferretti Group took over the Riva boatyard, which could thus go back to flying the Italian flag. The Group had a strong will to relaunch Riva products and the brand by focusing on quality, design, and uniqueness. Riva celebrated the turn of the millennium with the largest rally of period boats in history: more than one hundred yachts, representing all Riva models, paraded on Lake Iseo on 10 September 2000, led by the Aquarama carrying onboard Carlo Riva and Norberto Ferretti, bonded by friendship and mutual esteem.


The opening of the Sarnico shipyard, which was established in 1842 on Lake Iseo, in the area of Franciacorta, marked the beginning of Riva’s long history, from the construction of legendary wooden hulls all the way to today’s yachts, ranging between 27 and 68 feet in length. The heart of the boatyard is the office of Mr. Carlo Riva, who personally designed it with a special care for functionality. Called "la Plancia" (helm Station), this office is located in the middle of the shed’s large dome and features a 40-metre wide arcade supported by two pillars, which also sustain two bridge cranes, each of theme capable of lifting boats weighing over 20 tons. The innovative, futuristic architecture of this office, which is visible from as far as the opposite side of the lake and is protected - just like the entire boatyard - by the Superintendence for Cultural heritage, does not go unseen and still represents an impressive example of modern architecture. The boatyard extends over an area of 36,000 square meters, 17,000 of which are sheltered, and can rely on 10 available mooring berths, 2 jib cranes, 4 painting booths, and a 50-ton capacity trailer used to move finished yachts to the quays and for the handling of shells and large components.

The RIVA Shipyard in La Spezia: a leap into the future

The La Spezia production center plays a strategic role from an industrial, social, and environmental perspective. Built with the objective of widening the range while preserving the brand’s traditions, this boatyard was opened in 2004 and is now the most important technical, logistics, and commercial center for Ferretti Group, providing access to both the Ligurian and Tyrrhenian Seas. Conceived to apply state-of-the art production technologies and systems, the boatyard covers a total area of more than 60,000 square meters, almost 13,000 of which are sheltered, and includes industrial sheds, office buildings, piers and pontoons extending over 400 meters overall, served by a 300-tons capacity travel lift. This modern plant, where the largest models are built, is also the leading center for the testing, launching and delivery of the Group’s yachts. Customer care and marina services for all Group brands are also managed at this shipyard.

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The yachts Riva produces today, in both facilities, are true products of top quality artisan work, extremely luxurious, with unique style and refinement. Classical examples of that Italian spirit and character envied worldwide – Riva motor yachts can be considered as real jewels.

Riva and Ferretti Group

Following the acquisition by Ferretti Group, a new era began for Riva, characterized by a strong focus on innovation, perfectly in harmony with the philosophy that had always driven the shipyard since it was established. The historic brand, blending technology and tradition, reinvents a contemporary, modern, and unique style, in collaboration with Officina Italiana Design. In the year of the acquisition, the 33-footer Aquariva was launched, which embodied the genuine DNA of Riva and set the standard for future production: exclusivity, style, innovation. These attributes were concentrated in a product that was revolutionary in terms of mechanical features, reliability and performance. Over the last 13 years, Riva has developed an exclusive and diversified range of fiberglass yachts between 27 and 164 feet in length, which currently comprises of 14 models across 3 distinct product segments: Iseo, Aquariva Super, Rivamare, Riva 56’ Rivale, 63’ Virtus, 66’ Ribelle, 76’ Bahamas, 76' Perseo, 88’ Domino Super, 88’ Florida, 90’ Argo, 100' Corsaro, 110' Dolcevita, 50 mt. Today Riva, together with Ferretti Group, present in Asia, through Ferretti Group Asia Pacific Ltd., based in Hong Kong and a representative branch in Shanghai, in the United States, with Ferretti Group America in Fort Lauderdale. Ferretti Group can also count on an exclusive network of approximately 60 dealers.
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