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September 13 2006

The Ferretti Group opens the new nautical year at the Cannes Boat Show with 41 boats on display, of which 10 brand new models

Cannes, 13th September 2006 - The Ferretti Group is presenting itself at the first appointment of the season with ten world premieres, ten brand new models which testify the huge success it enjoyed during the nautical year which has just closed. During said year, the Group continued to expand considerably, both regards its products and the acquisition of new market segments in different parts of the world, while continuing to strengthen its existing structure.
In more detail, the Ferretti Group will be showing several brand new models in Cannes, namely Ferretti 780 for Ferretti Yachts; Pershing 50’ Shaftliner forPershing; Itama 55’ for Itama; Riva Shuttle, Riva 63’ Vertigo, Riva 75’ Venere and Riva 85’ Opera Super for Riva; Maestro 51’ and Apreamare 32’ for Apreamare;and Custom Line 97’ for Custom Line.
As proof of the excellent results achieved thanks to the corporate strategy implemented by Chief Executive Officer Gabriele Del Torchio and the Board of Directors, the Ferretti Group book order has seen a substantial increase this year. This significant result is undoubtedly linked both to the huge commitment all the companies in the Group have made to further consolidate its leading position, and also to the increase in the Ferretti Group’s production capacity. In less than 5 years, the Group’s production units have doubled, rising from 11 in 2002 to today’s 22, set out over 670,000 m².
The Ferretti Group has always been in the forefront of its sector, thanks to its continuous study of new products, progressive process optimisation and continuous research within the field of technology. This year, it has confirmed its vocation by creating one of the most prestigious Engineering and R&D centres in the nautical world, i.e. the “AYT”, Advanced Yacht Technology. The centre is distinguished by a team of over 90 highly specialised engineers who have also contributed significantly to developing new models.
At the traditional Ferretti Group Meeting in Cannes, this year being the fourth, Chairman Norberto Ferretti and Chief Executive Office Gabriele Del Torchio assembled the Ferretti Group’s main partners, dealers, suppliers and the international press to present the season’s successes and outline future plans.
“Being the Chairman and Founder of this Group is a continuous source of pride and satisfaction”, declared Norberto Ferretti. “We have transformed the nautical sector into an out and out industry, at the very top of the international world of luxury. This is the result of the Ferretti Group’s many years of commitment in developing exclusive, innovative products, destined for an increasingly demanding and prestigious clientele.”
Gabriele del Torchio’s comments ran along the same line: “The year which has just closed gave us huge satisfaction. This was due to the enthusiasm and trust shown by the market, which once again responded positively, but also to the commitment shown by the people who work for the Group. We have formed a tightly-knit team which is both ready and well-prepared to deal with new challenges”.
With 9 of the most exclusive brands in the nautical sector (Ferretti Yachts, Pershing, Itama, Bertram, Riva, Apreamare, Mochi Craft, Custom Line and CRN),over 2,800 employees and a presence in 86 countries, supported by three representatives branches in Europe, Asia and the United States, as well as an international network of over 70 dealers formed of carefully selected distributors, the Ferretti Group is still at the very heights of the nautical world. It has reached this position thanks to continuous research in quality, technological excellence, a top performance, an exclusive, innovative design and painstaking care taken over detail.
Ten new models are being presented at Cannes, further enriching the Ferretti Group’s already large fleet:
Ferretti Yachts: Ferretti 780
Pershing: Pershing 50’ Shaftliner
Itama: Itama 55’
Riva: Shuttle, 63’ Vertigo, 75’ Venere and 85’ Opera Super
Apreamare: Maestro 51’ and Apreamare 32’
Custom Line: Custom Line 97’
The distinctive features of each model have been outlined below.
Ferretti 780
Ferretti Yachts presents the new Ferretti 780, further extending the top range of its fleet.
The new 24 metre (78 foot) yacht is the result of the working relationship between Studio Zuccon International Project and the Ferretti Group’s Engineering Department and characterized by an innovative interior layout, guaranting ample spaces, and the selection of teak finishes and furniture.
The innovative layout of the living area, fitted with highly sophisticated audiovisual equipment, is characterised by the access ladder providing direct access to the flying bridge. The pilot house can be fitted with all the latest-generation technology which is the distinguishing trait of Ferretti Yachts, namely the Naviop control system and Mitsubishi gyroscopic stabilisers.
The master cabin (in which the bed is positioned in the direction of navigation) is totally sound-proofed from the engine room and features a double bed and two large windows.
The bow area features a comfortable VIP cabin while, at the owner’s request, one of the two twin-bedded cabins can be fitted with a double bed instead of two singles. Each cabin features a bathroom with a shower cubicle fitted with tempered crystal panels.
There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoor space on the yacht. The flying bridge features two large sunning areas, a barbeque zone and a comfortable semi-circular sofa with a central table.
A further design innovation is the electric stern gate, which, besides housing a jet-ski and a tender, converts into a teak-lined swimming platform, accessible thanks to two side ladders.
As for its performance, the standard Ferretti 780 features 2 MTU 2000 engines with a power output of 1660 HP, which can reach a cruising speed of 31 knots and a top speed of 34.5.
Pershing 50’ Shaftliner
In line with the marked sportiness and advanced engineering solutions of its immediate predecessors, Pershing’s new 50 footer, proposed in the shaftliner version, confidently faces the market challenge thanks to a series of winning factors which make it extremely competitive in terms of the price/performance ratio.
Capable of reaching a top speed of 36 knots and featuring an impressive drive system (twin 800 MAN Common Rail engines), the new Pershing 50’ shaftliner stands out for lower consumption, range and a speed which are far above average within the 50 foot motoryacht segment.
Perfect synthesis of the basic concept of an entire range of yachts, the sleek, gritty profile of the Pershing 50’ shaftliner, fruit of the working relationship between Fulvio De Simoni and Pershing’s Engineering Department, is unmistakeable.
The different areas of the yacht, both interior and exterior, maintain the yacht’s general design philosophy. Nothing has been sacrificed in terms of class or liveability, even compared to larger yacht segments. On the contrary, this model features clever and indeed highly impressive solutions, fruit of painstaking care over detail and the choice of top quality materials.
A design with real character and originality, unique performance levels for its category, excellent liveability and impressive space optimization and typical Pershing elegance are the distinctive features of the latest model issued from the shipyard.
Itama 55’
The second important chapter of Itama’s relaunch is the new FiftyFive, a motoryacht with a marked contemporary style.
Two 1360 horsepower Common Rail MAN engines in V-drive give an estimated top speed of 41 knots and a cruising speed of 37: this outstanding performance is guaranteed by the shape of the yacht. The FiftyFive has a new, more dynamic structure, with a higher bow and a sleeker stern than before.
Without betraying Itama’s timeless style, the new FiftyFive features totally innovative solutions in terms of the use and performance of the different spaces.
The carbon finished control panel is also new and superbly designed with more ergonomically distributed instrumentation, while the radar and satellite receiver (guaranteed by numerous technical studies both in the laboratory and at sea) have been integrated into the shape of the deck in order to avoid unsightly attachments which do not belong to Itama’s sleek style.
The interiors, featuring 3 cabins and 3 en-suite bathrooms, a dinette with galley and a crew cabin with its own bathroom have been designed to guarantee maximum privacy, versatility and comfort.
The elegance of the yacht is further enhanced by precious leather with contrasting steel finishes to guarantee that all the fittings are both functional and long-lasting.
Riva Shuttle
Created on the hull of the Sunriva, the new Riva Shuttle is the latest masterpiece of design, style and elegance proposed by the legendary shipyard situated near Iseo Lake, in collaboration with Mauro Micheli and Officina Italiana Design.
Its sensually sinuous lines have been designed so harmoniously that the new Riva 30’ tender literally flies over the water.
The table on the bow is easy to lower, transforming the large sofa into a comfortable sundeck, while the two armchairs on either side enable those aboard to relax whilst enjoying the sea. The mobile, tracked windscreen is a masterpiece of technology and design, ensuring total comfort at the helm and protection against the wind during sailing.
The new Riva Shuttle has enabled Riva to evolve and broaden its range with a yacht which easily accommodates up to eight guests, while still being serviceable as a tender for larger yachts thanks to its small size (just 9 metres long and 1.82 meters tall).
The new Riva Shuttle, featuring a Volvo 350 Hp in-outboard engine with stern drive, guarantees an exceptional performance at all times and a top speed of 31.5 knots.
Riva 63’ Vertigo
Elegance, harmony, style. These three nouns best describe the new 63’ Vertigo, the latest Riva open designed by Mauro Micheli and Officina Italiana Design, which entered production this year. The yacht’s unmistakable style is true to all the shipyard’s products, yet still highly innovative and considerably different to its predecessors. Exquisitely elegant and beautifully designed, the 63’ Vertigo features aristocratic lines which only just manage to conceal its spirited character.
Designed to optimise the space available and guarantee total comfort, this new open features a number of highly innovative solutions, beginning with the comfortable sofa running on two tracks towards the table to its left, transforming the cockpit into an elegant outdoor salon. The central command position features last generation navigation instruments and the command seat – an example of the latest technology recalling the Rivarama seat – can transform from one to three positions in just a few seconds.
The interiors have also been designed to guarantee maximum space and comfort.
This new Riva cadet, set between the 52’ Rivale and 68’ Ego, is the largest craft currently being produced in the Sarnico shipyard. She has two MAN 12 valve engines producing1360 Mhp, guaranteeing - as ever – an excellent performance – speeds of up to 38.5 knots and a range of 250 nm at cruising speed.
Riva 75’ Venere
Sinuous, soft and beautiful, Venere, the new Riva flybridge, yet another yacht designed by Mauro Micheli and Officina Italiana Design, is the umpteenth confirmation of the unique style and unmistakeable elegance typical of Riva yachts.
An exquisite example of top quality craftsmanship, the new Riva 75’ Venere presents numerous avant-garde solutions. These range from the vast windows in the cabins on the lower deck to the stern that opens out into a spacious swimming platform, ideal for free time and practising water sports. The highly innovative interior design features a contrast in colours between the bleached oak of the walls and furniture and black lacquering, creating a warm, cosy atmosphere. Painstaking care has been taken over each of the cabins on the lower deck, too, the result being a first class yacht, 23 metres of unmistakeable style, a masterpiece of modern design and luxury.
Driven by two MTU ten cylinder 1524 MHP motors, the new goddess of the Riva Olympus naturally offers excellent standards and a top performance, reaching a top speed of 32 knots with a range of 300 miles at cruising speed.
Riva 85’ Opera Super
The most seductive of the Riva yachts continues to have an irresistible hold over a growing number of owners, achieving overwhelming success season after season. This model, being presented for the first time at the Cannes Festival de la Plaisance, now features an even more innovative design, the work, as ever, of Mauro Micheli and Officina Italiana Design.
The restyled 85’ Opera Super, combines her success with an ability to anticipate the demands and wishes of the market.
Twenty six metres (waterline length) of painstaking care taken over detail, technology and original, unique solutions where nothing has been overlooked. Besides an innovative flybridge, offering an extraordinarily large, versatile area for sunbathing, relaxing or sipping a cocktail at the bar, the 85’ Opera Super also features a comfortable sun-bed at bow.
The elegant side windows have been supplemented by an extra large window providing even more natural light below deck. The contrast between the warm colours of the woodwork and the dark hue of the leatherwork makes this area both pleasant and relaxing.
85’ Opera Super, with her two MTU 16 valve engines delivering 2029 Mhp, guarantees an exceptional performance, reaching a top speed of 33.5 knots and a range of 310 nm at cruising speed.
Maestro 51’
Just under a year after the successful debut of the Maestro line, inaugurated with the Maestro 65’, Apreamare presents Maestro 51’ launch, the entry level of the range.
Maestro 51’ shares some distinctive features with the 65 foot model like, for example, technical innovations and a decidedly original design. The result is a yacht with harmonious lines, where a direct relationship with the sea appears to be the designer’s main aim.
The yacht was created from the working relationship between Studio Zuccon International Project and architect Umberto Tagliavini, with support from the Ferretti Group’s Engineering Department.
The luminousness of this yacht was achieved through huge, vertically-sliding windows, transforming the dinette into an out and out terrace on the sea.
The internal areas have been fitted out with the aim of optimising as much as possible. The result is that the Maestro 51’ has three comfortable cabins and two bathrooms with a separate shower cubicle.
It is, however, in the control panel that the Maestro line, including this new yacht, marks the difference which is at the basis of its name. The circular command seat features vast vertical windows which are much larger than those featured on other yachts of a similar size.
The performance of Maestro 51’ is also extremely interesting thanks to the special hull which characterizes the entire line, permitting the shipowner to enjoy the sea both at a displacement speed and at a cruising speed of 26/27 knots with twin 730 hp engines.
Apreamare 32’
The new Apreamare 32’ Comfort is the second model created from the working relationship between the legendary Apreamare shipyard and Studio Victory Design. After the huge success enjoyed by the flagship AM60, launched during the last Genoa Boat Show, this yacht pursues the technological reinterpretation of the traditional lines of the old Sorrentino gozzo.
The key of the project can be found in the soft, sinuous lines which enhance the characteristic shape of this kind of yacht, i.e. the round poop and the generous flared bow. The new kind of swimming platform, covered in teak, has been used in this new yacht, integrating a storage area for the life-raft and the traditionally circular bathing ladder, premiered on the flagship. A careful study of the different areas has favoured the respect of solutions invented by Apreamare, like for example the comfortable sofa on the bow, but at the same time integrated new solutions, such as the original chaise-longue in the cockpit.
The evolution also includes the interiors which feature simple, linear solutions which fully respect the demands of shipowners who love life at sea. The use of valuable woods prevails, particularly the classical mahogany, avoiding exotic choices which are little suited to the gozzo’s Mediterranean spirit.
Custom Line 97’
The Custom Line 97’, a 29.5 metre yacht featuring a smart and aggressive layout, is the latest model produced by the Custom Line shipyard. Heir to Custom Line 94’, the first yacht produced from the working relationship between Studio Zuccon International Project and the CRN Engineering Division, it takes up the shape, while featuring new design solutions which aim at increasing the space available to owners and their guests.
From the spacious cockpit guests can access the salon, featuring a conversation and dining area. Continuing towards the bow, there is a large galley fitted with professional appliances. Also located forward is the master cabin, with large windows on both sides. Going below deck, the guest area features four cabins, including two VIP cabins with double beds and two with twin beds, each of which has its own en-suite bathroom.
Access to the crew cabins is amidships, and provides access to the galley, the control panel and the side doors without coming into contact with owners and their guests.
The flying bridge has plenty of sunbathing space, while a table with a wide bench and barbeque area provide another dining area, so that those aboard have the opportunity to enjoy life in the open air at sea.
The internal fittings are all modern, and feature light, bright woods such as durmast with walnut inserts. The owner can choose finishes from the wide range of choices available, in line with the Custom Line tradition.
This maxi yacht ca be equipped with two types of engines, i.e. twin 16v 2000 M93 1790kW MTU engines able to reach a top speed of 29 knots (at half load) and a cruising speed of 27 knots, or twin 16v 2000 M91 1470 kW MTU able to reach a top speed of 27 knots and cruising speed of 25. Four Mitsubishi ARG (Anti-Rolling Gyro) stabilisers are fitted in the engine room of the Custom Line 97’.
Like all the other maxi yachts in the Custom Line planing range, this line is fitted with a hull that allows a displacement speed of 12-14 knots, with the yacht in a perfectly horizontal position, drastically reducing fuel consumption on long voyages.


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