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Juni 12 2017

Riva and Abarth: the meeting of two great Italian EXCELLENCE

For the 175th anniversary of Riva, the legendary shipyard in Sarnico sees the debut of the Riva 56’ Rivale and Abarth 695 Rivale: elegance, sportiness, performance and enthusiasm join forces to conquer the sea and the road.

Working everyday on one's history to shape the future, taking inspiration from the priceless heritage to create an even more extraordinary tomorrow.

This is the vision that has always inspired both Riva and Abarth, two legends of Italian engineering, which have conquered enthusiasts the world over and which are coming together today.

Rivale is the name of this modern success story which is materialising in the new 56’ Rivale, the most recent addition to the Riva fleet, and the Abarth 695 Rivale limited edition sedan and cabrio.

This meeting of excellences, presented to the world press in the Riva shipyard in Sarnico, celebrates the remarkable capability of Riva and Abarth to enhance their respective peculiarities in an exquisite blend of engineering skilfulness, stylistic awareness and design ability, which together with their respective legendary histories have led to the creation of two products which are iconic and innovative at the same time.

Rivale, one of the most famous names of the recent Riva production, is a new open yacht at the top of its class in terms of technology, sporting spirit and performance, which exalts the unique values and the typical style elements of the brand once again. Rivale is also the name of the Abarth 695 Special and Limited Edition, the new car from the brand with the scorpion badge dedicated to the 175 years of history of the world's most famous shipyard.

“The celebrations for the 175th anniversary of Riva are being complemented by the unique partnership with an evoking brand such as Abarth” declared Alberto Galassi, CEO of Ferretti Group. “Presenting the 56’ Rivale, an iconic name in the history of Riva which today identifies the new open - a charming, technological and powerful boat - means paying homage to our past while looking firmly into the future. Abarth was inspired by the extraordinary new Riva boat in designing its new special and limited edition model: the magnificent 695 'Rivale'. The partnership springs from common shared values, passion for excellence and research for performance, expressed as always with an unmistakably unique style."

Symbols of the most authentic Italian know-how, the 56’ Rivale and the Abarth 695 Rivale are the perfect blend of craftsmanship and engineering, search for performance and enthusiasm for beauty, with the addition of the laudable ambition of turning dreams into reality.

As a result of this new synergy, the timeless elegance of Riva yachts is reflected in a car made by Abarth. The latter, in turn, adds a bold and sporty touch to the most recent open yacht model made by the world's most famous shipyard.

The new 56’ Rivale combines superb craftsmanship and grandiose attention to detail. With an all-new hull, it stands out for its streamline looks which inherit and develop the lines which characterise the most recent open and coupé yacht models. Another exclusive factor are the high-quality materials: polished mahogany interiors, natural teak exteriors, varnished and stainless steel details, mirrors, crystals and leather.

Abarth is celebrating the Riva anniversary with an ultra-limited production of the 695 Rivale, the 175 Anniversary: 175 sedans and 175 cabriolets. It is an edition to pay homage to Italian know-how, with hand crafted details like the two-colour blue and black hand-stitched leather seats with a celebratory logo stitched onto the headrest, the carbon dashboard silk screen printed with the special logo, the special numbered plate inside and the celebratory badge on the outside of the pillar. The design of the 17” alloy rims is also special. The 695 Rivale 175 Anniversary exceeds the traditional values of Abarth and embraces the coolness of Riva to satisfy the need for exciting performance combined with a higher level of sophistication and elegance. All this charm is backed up by performance: 180 HP, 250 Nm of torque and the weight-to-power ratio of a genuine supercar (5.8 kg/HP with a mass of 1045 kg) to accelerate from 0 to 100 in 6.7”, 225 km/h of top speed.

The 56’ Rivale and the Abarth 695 Rivale are the protagonists of this contemporary legend in which the inspiration and enthusiasm of brilliant men and women are reflected in the perfect beauty of extraordinary boats and cars.


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