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56' Rivale
卓越典范 66' Ribelle
高科技的诱惑 90' Argo
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Welcome to a new dimension.
Now with Superyachts Division you can make a Riva truly yours.
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On board a yacht like a seafront villa: holidays in the heart of nature with Ferretti Group.

Forlì, 18th June 2020 – Take it easy as you enjoy new horizons and boundless freedom. The top priorities in summer 2020 are privacy, social distancing and spending as much time as possible in natural surroundings with family and friends.
Therefore, the ideal choice is a holiday by the sea, or even better on board a yacht: it is a perfect solution because it enables you to combine freedom, safety and unbeatable comfort as you discover spellbinding landscapes on an unforgettable private cruise.

Riva Yacht Logo
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