Rivanotes is the “making-of” companion to the most enthralling yachting story of the 20th century and the third millennium.
With 20 freehand drawings of Riva boats and components in mahogany and fibreglass, its pages give you a breathtaking sense of the sheer creative verve of the designers who sketched out the boats that would become all-time classics.
There are great names from Giorgio Barilani (who took Carlo Riva’s ideas and gave them concrete form, for Riva to then painstakingly check every single detail before approving the sketches) to Mauro Micheli (the designer behind the models that have further elevated the brand’s prestige since 1997).
The jewel in the crown is the original sketch of “the Bridge” – the historic office in Sarnico lapped by the waters of Lake Iseo, where past, present and future come together in celebration of the legend that is Riva.
With its aquamarine cover and stamped silver logo, Rivanotes is a must-own collector’s item for all Riva enthusiasts.

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Measures: 20,5x14,3x1,2 cm; Weight: 254 gr
124 black and white pages
18 Drawings
Document pocket
Elastic strap

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