Riva Aquariva lamp Limited Edition

Riva Aquariva lamp Limited Edition

The LIMITED-EDITION Riva Lamp is inspired by the Aquariva Lamp, a piece of sophisticated design modelled on the classic searchlight that featured on the Riva yachts of the 1960s (Aquarama, Tritone and Ariston) and is still used on Aquariva and Rivamare today. It differs from the original in several exclusive particulars. On the LIMITED EDITION, the stem is available in two versions: in carbon fibre or fine mahogany. Inside, for another stylish detail, the lamp is aquamarine – Riva’s universally recognisable hallmark colour since the days of La Dolce Vita.
The lamp’s host of exclusive features includes the high-efficiency LED bulb and the touch-sensitive switch with three brightness levels.
In another delicate design touch, the base comprises three overlaid steel sections that evoke the famous Riva prow and open out in a propeller-like pattern.

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Material: steel
Dimensions: cm 26 x 20 x 58; Weight: 3,8 kg
Power Supply: 24 volt led lights
Stem covered in carbon fibre
Stem covered in mahogany
Designer: Mauro Micheli

EUR 1,800.00

VAT Included / shipping expenses not included
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